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Based on safe ingredients, we provide tasty and healthy products.
In order to meet the demands of the times, we also develop products
by taking account of the importance of “Dietary Education”.

Product Concept
Safeties– No residual agricultural chemicals
– No gene recombinations
– Certification such as Organic JAS
Tastiness– Good taste
– Food texture, Flavor
– Easy-to-eat
Healthiness– Effect on health maintainance
   and improvement
Dietaries– Using traditional food ingredients

JAS stands for “Japan Agricultural Standards”, supervised by the Japanese government (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). When JAS Law was revised in 2002, the terms and conditions for the descriptions of “organic” on products got regulated. In order to be certified, strict control is required at the stage of producing food ingredients, processing plant, using equipments, and managing supervisors. Therefore, Organic JAS label is granted for only the specific process and merchandise of the chosen company.

Organic JAS label proofs organic-ness from the production of crops to final packaging. It guarantees safety for production method, processing plant, equipments, food ingredients, production output, distribution amount, and the operators.

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